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– Who we are –

Our Story

After working in retail for over 20 years for the same employer I decided I needed a change.  I was tired of working so hard every day trying to reach an unattainable goal that management kept changing.  If I was willing to work this hard for someone else, imagine how hard I could work for myself. I also realized that retail doesn’t allow for the quality time with my kids and family that they craved. 

I missed out on so many things; weekends, holidays.   As all these thoughts were going through my mind Covid hit showing me the weaknesses in our supply chain and the need for locally grown produce and meats.  This is something I want to offer for my community.  It took a year of planning and another year of working two jobs to have this dream come to life for the community.  Anthony is a major contributor to this dream with his knowledge, hard work, and motivation. We have over 25,ooo strawberry plants, beehives, half an acre of other produce and the dream to move into chickens and beef; the staples that our community needs.  We also made the farm family friendly with the ability to pick any of the produce you need or have us pick it for you. 

As I’m out in the field and the sun is going down on a warm summer evening I am so happy with my decision.             

Sarah and the Two Girls Farm